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Are you one of the 1000's of people who suddenly find your face doesn't fit? It was only a short while ago your bank would welcome you with open arms. Today that all seems to have changed. Join us online at Switch Finance UK and be treated like a person, not a risk. We promise to treat you with respect and do our utmost to find the right remortgage for you.

Our extensive network has access to most mainstream and adverse lenders making your search easy and simple.


It's our job to make your life as simple as possible and ensure a remortgage ccjs is not a barrier to achieving your financial goals. A remortgage through us may get you a better loan rate, remortgage to save money, remortgage to save on monthly payments. It pays to shop around. A new remortgage deal may also allow you to pay off your loans earlier, or raise cash for a new car or holiday. You may also use your new remortgage deal to raise funds for home improvements or extend your home. Extra cash may also allow you to consolidate debts, especially unsecured debts on a higher interest rate. This may cut your monthly repayments.











You can go to your current lender and ask for a new remortgage deal. Or you can try us here at Switch Finance. We have access to most major remortgage lenders and between us deal with 1000's of remortgage products and remortgage deal applications. We try and make your remortgage process simple !


It is simpler to remortgage than secure a new mortgage. Click on a link that suits you best for a fast response. A qualified advisor will review your remortgage enquiry and contact you to ensure they have all the right details. Depending upon your specific circumstances they will apply to the most appropriate remortgage lender. You then receive and review your remortgage deal offer. Once you accept your remortgage offer, the legal process takes place and conveyancing is carried out. Your remortgage advance is then made available to you and your Solicitor will pay off your original loan before sending the surplus remortgage funds to you. 


Although it is invariably cheaper to get a new remortgage deal through us than secure a new mortgage, you may have to pay some remortgage costs. For example valuation charge, legal fees, arrangement fee, broker fee, redemption penalty. These should be negotiated with your new remortgage lender and legal representative. Even after these costs it is generally cheaper to remortgage, but you should still calculate them carefully before committing to your new remortgage deal.


Self-employed "in the dark" About Self Cert Remortgage Deal - 'Half of the self-employed and those with second incomes do not know about self-cert mortgages and remortgage deals, according to a new survey. A poll by Mortgage Express revealed that 71 per cent of self-employed and secondary income workers are unaware of how self-cert mortgages and remortgage deal work and 49 per cent did not know of their existence.

Furthermore 56 per cent did not know they might not be eligible for a standard mortgage. Andy Wiggans, director of mortgage products at Mortgage Express, said: "Our findings show that the potential self-cert market is strong and has grown by an estimated 15 per cent over the past four years. "Yet lack of consumer awareness regarding this product is still preventing many eligible consumers from getting on or climbing up the property ladder."

 He added that while self-cert mortgages were not ideal for all, they could be a solution for those are dependant on secondary or variable incomes. "With the expertise that intermediaries have, they are ideally placed to demystify self-cert, ensuring that clients are provided with the best guidance possible," he said. Source: AOL/Mortgage Express.

The Rise Of UK Consumer Spending - Consumer spending has hit 1.09 trillion per year as Britons fork out more on housing and holidays a report says. The 9% year-on-year rise was partly caused by people splashing out on travel and "trading up" on luxury goods according to analysts Mintel. But buying property and remortgaging is still the nations biggest financial outlay accounting for almost 4 in every 10 spent.

Mintel reported financial decisions such as paying off credit cards, improving homes and paying off mortgages early came lower down the list of priorities, but were still most peoples biggest and major financial decision. Source: AOL/Mintel

Blacklisted ? -  Contrary to popular belief there's no such thing as a credit or finance blacklist. If you think you have been credit blacklisted (or more to the point a friend in a pub tells you a problem remortgage blacklist exists) you are both wrong. A third of the population has been refused credit at some point, but 40% of this group have no idea why. Separate fact from fiction with our easy guide. LEARN MORE

Tips On Loans And Debts -  Some 2.5 million people in Britain are struggling with paying back their debts, a rise of 700,000 people in just six months, new figures reveal. A YouGov poll commissioned by debt consultancy firm Thomas Charles found 8.4 million people or one in five of the UK population has unsecured debts of over 10,000. You may find it easier to remortgage and pay off your unsecured debts. Read our guide on managing your finances. LEARN MORE

Using A SubPrime Lender May Not Be Such A Bad Thing -  Life can be a very simple thing. We all have wants and needs and will do our best to get them. If things are not easily available we are hunters, we find other ways of achieving them. This is also true for our financial goals. What we cannot find in one way, we will find in another. So you cannot get your remortgage from a high street lender, why not remortgage with a problem remortgage lender ? As long as they are regulated and professional, why shouldn't you ? LEARN MORE

Insolvency Hot Spots -  With interest rates fluctuating again and remortgages at an all time high the national debt is also rising and looks to bust the 1.3 trillion mark. There were 107,000 insolvencies recorded in England And Wales last year a rise of 60%. However, a little known fact is the sleepy seaside town of Torquay is the insolvency hotspot of the UK. Shocked. Here are the top 10 insolvency hotspots in the UK. LEARN MORE


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